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I am collecting, repairing, selling, buying old radio receivers.

( I am also collecting old homecomputers like Imsai 8080, Sinclar ZX80 or Amiga 1000. I am a member in one of the oldest homecomputerclubs in Europe called MAD. )

I live in the city of Malmoe, Sweden.

I have no antique radio. My radios are from 1915 to today.

When you turn on an old radio it´s a risk that some capacitors will blow up. The radio will be filled with small sticky paper fragments and the air will be filled with nasty smelling smoke. Some tubes will also give up and your radio will be worthless. It´s not funny!

Therefore I make the radio in its parts clean them and make the cabinet nice again. Parts like elektrolytic or asphalt capacitors that perhaps will be troublemakers will be replaced with new ones. But all the original parts will be there on their places. Not working valves are replaced with ones with at least 50% emmision. The radio will work again, almost as good or as bad as it did once.

If you think that you would like to own one of the listed radios , come and visit me in Malmo.

Över 450 radioapparater, sålda i Sverige, finns listade med bilder på

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